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    Basic Elements of Enterprise

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    Basic Elements of Enterprise

    ZhongYa (Tianjin) Electronic Soldering Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, a innovation oriented enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, technical services, and after-sales service of environmentally friendly lead-free soldering. It is located in the eight Li Industrial Park, Bohai Economic Zone, Tianjin Binhai New Area in Jinnan district, and is certified to the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environment system of international SGS company.

    The SMT solder paste, lead free solder wire, lead free solder bar, wave soldering with disposable liquid flux, high and low temperature solder alloys developed meet the requirements of the EU ROHS directive and REACH regulation. Products are widely used in military, aerospace, computer, LED, lighting, security equipment, solar energy, instrumentation, high speed rail, rail transportation, subway, terminal signal, communications meteorology, Internet transmission, home appliances, electronic information, robotics, and automotive electronics, etc.

    1、The qualified suppliers for the military.

    As military qualified supplier, our company’s products have been used in different parts in  manned spacecraft, the Jiaolong manned deep submarine, Beidou satellite system, China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, and early warning airplane etc..

    2、Honesty Commitment

    Honesty Commitment by ZhongYa (Tianjin) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    As a company committed to making more efforts and contribution to social responsibility by supplying advanced products and technical services, our company make the following commitment,:in order to fully keep the law and honest,  prevent unfair competition and violations of law and discipline, and  maintain the fair and lawful rights and interests of your company and our company in business cooperation:

    The laws and regulations concerning the anti-bribery by our country and local governments are to be abided. Supervision for our company is to be accepted consciously.

    3、Statement on the exclusive use of the mineral raw materials from Democratic Republic of the Congo and the surrounding areas of conflict

    In response to EICC (International Electronic Industry Code of conduct), ZhongYa (Tianjin) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will not purchase and use mineral raw material from Democratic Republic of the Congo and the surrounding areas of conflict. If the mineral raw material are found from these areas, the purchase behavior will be stopped immediately. Our company has been making its efforts to build a harmonious world. 

    4、Corporate Social responsibility information of ZhongYa (Tianjin) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    The requirement of the efforts made by everyone and organizations for the protection of the unique earth has been realized and understood.
     It is responsible for one company to ensure the harmonious development between environment and human beings.
     For this purpose, we will have our best to achieve sustainable development between the enterprise and the environment.
     With respect to activities on corporate social responsibility, basic criterions of the conduct will be set and carried out, with abidance by laws and regulations as the basis, and in line with the principle of international values.

    5、The 8D method to recall products in ZhongYa (Tianjin) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Improving the efficiency of solving problems and getting experience of solving problems; outlining the factors involved in product quality; reducing even avoiding the same problems. Based on the 8D method we can find out the fundamental reasons for the problems, put forward the short-term, mid-term and long-term solutions.
     We also can establish inter-departmental group to strengthen connection between departments, promote the solution of the problem, and prevent the same or similar problems happened again and ensure product quality.

    6、Post-Doctoral Research Center in ZhongYa (Tianjin) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Nowadays, technology innovation has become an important strategic  in international economic and national strength competitions.  The country is developed by science and technology, and the enterprise is developed by innovation. Only by  technology innovation one enterprise can survive in the intensive competition. Post-Doctoral Research Center was established with Tianjin university, to develop electronic material, electronic chemical material and so on. Through investments in research and development for years, 4 patents have been granted. Our company was awarded as Tianjin hi-tech enterprise, and supported by Tianjin government innovation fund. Our products have been used in the key project of manned spacecraft, aircraft carrier Liaoning, jiaolong submerine and other projects, further proving the high quality and reliability of our products.

    Contact us

    Zhongya(tianjin) Electronic Solder Technology Co.Ltd
    Address:Xingfa Road,Balitai Industrial Zone,Jinnan District,Tianjin,PR China

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