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    3-8 Lead-free Solder Wire Safety Data Form

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    3-8 Lead-free Solder Wire Safety Data Form

       3-8Lead-free Solder Wire Safety Data Form    3-8-1 Company Information

    Company nameZhongya(Tianjin) Electronic Sloder Technology CO.,LtdTel022-83981122
    AddressXingfa Road in Balitai Industry district in Jinnan county of TianjinFax022-83981133
    Chemical product nameLead-free solder wireCategoryRMA
    Chemical product model WH326HS

    3-8-2 Hazardous Ingredients

    Ingredients CAS model Contents Threshold limit value
    Copper7440-50-80.5%0.1 mg/m3


    3-8-3 Physical and Chemical Characteristics

    Melting point(℃)217-227
    Vapor pressure(20℃) [mmHg]N.D.
                  Vapor density(air=1)N.D.
    Evaporation volume percentN.D.
    AppearanceMetal bar
    PH valueN.D.
    Specific gravity(water=1)>7.0g/ m3
    Evaporation rate (ether=1)N.D.
    Water solubilityunsolvable
    Specific solvent solubilitysolvable in strong acid and hydrogen peroxide


    3-8-4 Emergency Treatment

    Eye contaceFlush eyes in no less than 15m, and then go to the doctor's
    Skin contactClean the contacted place with soap and warm water. If there is serious hypersensitive, go to the dorctor's
    SwallowGo to the doctor's immediately
    InbreatheBreathe enough fresh air and go to the dorctor's in time


    3-8-5 Fire Extinguish

    Fire extinguisherCarbon dioxide, powder, foam and sand
    Special conditionN.D.
    Protective facilityThe firefighter need to wear fire protection suit and portable respirator..
    PreventionThe operation temp. should not be over500℃,it's better not to use dry besom and high-pressure gas to clean the solder.
    Hazardous decompositionMetal dust and vapor.


    3-8-6 Prevention

    Preventional method for manWear protective clothing.(refer to item 7)
    Environmental protectionAvoid casting off the residue into drainpipe and watercourse.
    Measure for cleaningScrub off and collect the residue after cooling down.


    Protective facilities for manEye: specific blinkers and eye syringe
       Gloves: gauntlet
       Other: dust-proof mask,protective clothing and shoes.
    Ventilate deviceEquip partly exhausting and all-sided purging equipment and control the concentration below the threshold limit value(refer to item2).
    Notices for operationWash hands after operation; do not eat, smoke and prink during operation; do not wear contact lenses.
    OthersHealthy check regularly for operators


    3-8-8 Operation and Storage

    Operationrefer to item 5 and 7
    StorageKeep the solder water proof and anti-pollution; label it with foe symbol.

    3-8-9 Reactivity Data

    Conditions to avoidHeat, flame, dampness, submerging
    Hazardous polymerizationN.D.
    Decomposition Metal dust and vapor.
    Not mixtureStrong acid and hydrogen peroxide.


    3-8-10 Toxicity Data

    Toxicity.In noxious
    specific affection N.D





    3-8-11 Environment Data


    3-8-12 Waste resolving

    Reclaim and refine the waste, obeying relative rules of the government

    3-8-13Transportation Data

    International transportation regulationN.D.
    Serial number of the UnionN.D.
    Internal transportation regulationN.D.
    Specific items and noticesN.D.





    3-8-14 Laws and Regulations

    Relative laws and regulations
    Hazardous materials of fire fighting lawfire fighting law
    Safety and health lawOccupational disease prevention law
    Waste resolving regulationsRegulation for operating with hazardous materials





    3-8-15 Additional

    The data in this form can only be applicable for this product and only for industrial use. Please read this form carefully before operation, and guide right operation for workers.

    Contact us

    Zhongya(tianjin) Electronic Solder Technology Co.Ltd
    Address:Xingfa Road,Balitai Industrial Zone,Jinnan District,Tianjin,PR China

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